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Hack your Brain: Optimism as a Success Factor?

Interlaken. Whether top sportswomen, exceptional musicians or particularly successful business people. Typically, we attribute exceptional achievements to the individual talents of a person. In fact, there are other factors. What do people need to unfold their full potential? What role do enthusiasm and confidence play in our performance? How can optimism be trained? And why should leaders care about their happiness and wellbeing?

In May, our founder Kerstin Humberg got the chance to work with 35 top executives from Switzerland. During the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) in Interlaken, she facilitated a 90 min Masterclass in Positive Psychology. Based on surprising findings from brain research and positive psychology, the science of happiness and wellbeing, she highlighted some of the research behind the so-called happiness advantage.

If you want to know more about positive psychology and our work with Yunel, have a read through the interview with Kerstin that was now published in SEF's CEO Digest.

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