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Yunel featured in Nico Rose's new book: Arbeit besser machen

Hamm/Berlin. We are honored to announce that Yunel got featured in Nico Rose's new book on positive business: "Arbeit besser machen". Click here to read the interview with Yunel's founder Dr. Kerstin Humberg: "Sich in die eigene Zukunft verlieben".

In one of Rose's 33 expert interviews, Dr. Humberg explains what Yunel is about, and how the business builds on the science of happiness and wellbeing. "At Yunel, we want to inspire our clients for their potential. Our human mind carries a tremendous potential for transformation". In fact, the human brain is malleable and can develop throughout our lives; but how we change as a person, depends on our focus and attitude. Humberg: "The structured examination of our own past, present and future on the basis of positive psychology gives our clients a view of their best possible selves". Ideally, they fall in love with their own future. For a brief review of Rose's book, see the latest edition of the Harvard Business Manager in Germany:

Book Cover "Arbeit besser machen"

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