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Since research in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience have proved the 'power of images' in changing human mindsets and behaviour, visualization is a key component of our work. Yunel's products comprise halftime biographies in book format, vision posters and life maps. 


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For our biographic products, we typically meet our clients for three to five sessions. During these two-to-three-hour encounters we explore their sources of happiness, values, strengths and life goals. Renowned journalists and leading thinkers in Positive Psychology have co-created the dialogue techniques and exercises we use. The audio-recorded conversations and session results are synthesized in a comprehensive briefing. Yunel’s award-winning journalists, graphic designers and artists then create the final biography product in German or English.



Yunel is a Berlin-based company with the mission to unleash human potential and happiness for positive social change. In short, 'to make happiness work'. Yunel offers a novel approach to biography and life strategy for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs.

We help our clients treasure significant life experiences, embrace the art and science of happiness and prepare themselves for a future with purpose and impact. Blending Positive Psychology with business strategy, we jointly explore what makes their lives most worth living and develop an inspiring vision for the years to come. 


In addition to our work with private individuals, we offer tailored programmes ​for corporate and non-profit clients, e.g. keynotes, trainings, workshops and leadership retreats. 

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>> Visual recording
>> For individuals & institutions 
>> Past, present & future
>> Visual recording 
>> For individuals & institutions 
>> Inspiring vision
>> Book format
>> For individuals 
>> Past, present & future

Yunel was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kerstin Humberg, a former journalist and McKinsey consultant with a background in human geography and psychology. Inspired by Nobel Peace Laureates Muhammad Yunus and Nelson Mandela, she believes in the transformative power of Social Entrepreneurship and Positive Psychology. The name Yunel pays tribute to YUnus and NELson as fantastic examples of human potential realised against all odds. Today, Yunel comprises a team of eight like-minded professionals.



Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. The focus is on personal growth. Typically, Yunel clients are executives, leaders and entrepreneurs, who envision a future in which they thrive. Clients benefit from Yunel's structured approach and tools in both personal and professional contexts.

Andreas Heinecke Yunel happiness biography workshop facilitation dialogue social enterprise

Entrepreneur, Hamburg

Yunel facilitators combine passion and empathy with profound experience in Applied Positive Psychology and business strategy. Working with them is a wonderful experience! I love their human-centered attitude. 

Business consultant, Vienna

The Yunel approach is very inspiring and insightful – leading you through hidden treasures of your past – a perfect kick start to developing a game plan for your future. I can’t imagine doing something like this on my own!

Yunel reference policy advsor life map halftime biography birthday gift

Policy advisor, Berlin

When I turned 50, a close friend of mine introduced me to Yunel. With my personal halftime biography and life map at hand, I feel well prepared for the years to come. Yunel's biography products are truly unique – visual, thoughtful and high-quality. 

Stephan Dertnig BCG Yunel happiness life map Humberg Berlin biography life strategy


Yunel's network of partners comprise people from McKinsey, Ashoka, the Yunus Centre and the German Association for Positive Psychology. Yunel also regularly delivers tailored programmes in partnership with entrepreneurs' associations and educational institutions. 


Chris Peterson, a visionary in the study of virtues and character strengths, once said Positive Psychology could be summed up in three simple words: other people matter. The same holds true for Yunel. Our products would not see the light of day without the passion and commitment of like-minded professionals who believe in the transformative power of mission-driven ventures, creative visualization and Positive Psychology.



All Yunel facilitators are certified trainers or consultants in Positive Psychology. Together they bring more than 50 years of professional experience in business consulting, facilitation and Positive Psychology. Yunel facilitators love to explore geographies and people. They are driven by a growth mindset, eager to unleash the full potential of others and themselves. They are strategic facilitators, whose work is rooted in seven basic beliefs. 

  1. We believe in the transformative power of Applied Positive Psychology.

  2. We consider happiness as key to human development and personal growth.

  3. In our view, there are multiple pathways to purpose, happiness and impact.

  4. Unfolding life 'from good to great' deserves dedicated time to explore, reflect and envision.

  5. Engaging with courage, curiosity and imagination prepares the ground for a richer life.

  6. We are committed to the effectiveness of structured and evidence-based approaches.​

  7. We regard visualization as key to impact. Images help transform mindsets and behavior.




Positive Psychology is the 'scientific study of what makes life most worth living'. The field was established about 20 years ago by Professor Martin Seligman. 


On average, 40% of our happiness is determined by our actions, attitude and how we handle situations. 


At positive, our brain is about 31% more productive than our brain at negative or neutral.


One of the best ways to experience positive emotion and increase well-being is by writing down three good things that happen every day.

- Martin Seligman 2012, Flourish

- Sonja Lyubormirsky 2008, The How of Happiness
- Shawn Achor 2010,
The Happiness Advantage
- Daniela Blickhan 2015, Positive Psychologie




For yourself – take time for reflection. Step back and use a structured approach to shape your biography or life strategy. Happiness will be the joy you feel in striving towards your potential. 

For others – share an exclusive gift. Yunel's biography products make unique presents for life partners, treasured colleagues or best friends with 'big birthdays' or life events coming up.

For your organization – unleash the potential of your leaders and teams. Our tailored programmes based on Positive Psychology and Neuroscience help build self-mastery skills and positive leadership capabilities in areas such as communication, relationship building and organizational development. 

Happiness broadens our focus and expands our mind. Happy people are more creative in solving problems, more altruistic and more resilient. They can change entire societies for the better like Muhammad Yunus and Nelson Mandela. In our view, they are great examples for what is called the 'Happiness Advantage'.




We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there. We achieve what we want to achieve. 


If we are not achieving something, it is because we have not put our minds to it. 


—  Prof. Muhammad Yunus,

Nobel Peace Laureate 2006


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