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>> Book format
>> Past, present & future
>> For individuals
>> Three to five sessions

As we mature time gets more precious and naturally fundamental questions arise: Who am I, what exactly do I stand for today and in the future? What is my purpose or vision in life, what could be my legacy? What makes a good life? 

In times of transition, both personal and professional, the wish to find answers to these questions typically becomes more pressing. What can you we do about it? How to get started and where to find the time and tools needed to prepare yourself for a future with purpose and impact?


Yunel invites you to take time for a structured approach to biography and life strategy to 'make the rest of your life the best of your life'. 

Today, what do I value about my life and why? Where do I come from? Where do I want to go and how do I get there? Questions such as these are at the core of our work. The focus is on what makes life most worth living, as illustrated in our session overview below.

Yunel approach biography life strategy session overview Berlin positive psychology happiness Kerstin Humberg

The Yunel process for halftime biographies is the same as for our life maps. We typically meet our clients for three to five sessions. During these two-to-three hour encounters we explore their sources of happiness, values, strengths and life goals. Martin Seligman’s theoretical model of PERMA helps us understand what drives human happiness and wellbeing. 

The outcome of this process is a hand-made leather book consisting of five chapters that contain edited versions of our deep-structured interviews and exercises. Each chapter is complemented by 'knowledge nuggets' and appreciative quotes from selected life companions. We also use visual recording techniques to 'anchor' key insights. 

Yunel biographies are always unique. They are not intended to be published. Rather, they serve as personal logbooks to be extended over time.

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Yunel journey life strategy
Yunel halftime biography
Yunel halftime biography art
Yunel halftime biography
Yunel biography art
Yunel biography birthday gift
Yunel halftime biography art

The Yunel approach helps clients take positive stock of the past and develop an inspiring vision for the years to come. 

Our halftime biographies are a written synthesis of our client work. They prepare the ground for a fulfilling future. 

Yunel halftime biography
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