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>> Visual recording 
>> Past, present & future
>> For individuals and institutions
>> Three to five sessions
Muhammad Yunus' world map of happiness

One life, fourteen images, a single treasure map; essentially a positive portfolio of our founder's life.

"I am grateful to Marianne With for taking me through a process of deep reflection and visioning. Every day, this life map reminds me of my roots, values, purpose and dreams. Watching it makes my heart sing. "


Idea: Kerstin Humberg

Design: Anna Marin

Maps have the capacity to open worlds of reality and imagination. Their lines, points and spaces depict both memories of the past and hopes for the future. Maps urge the wanderings and wonderings of our mind. Maps existed before the written word and ever since they have fascinated explorative minds around the world. 

For Yunel, creating life maps is both a science and an art: Our approach to life strategy is based on Positive Psychology, the science of happiness and wellbeing, and our life maps are carefully designed by award winning artists. For our clients, the maps serve as visual recordings of their past, present and aspired future.


The maps highlight what makes their life most worth living. They illustrate life's bigger picture by featuring major life events. At the same time, they serve as constant reminders of personal character strengths, values and beliefs. As such, our life maps provide orientation and guidance. As maps of exploration, they also capture our clients' visions of a future in which they thrive.

This life map illustrates the biography and vision of a senior entrepreneur from North Rhine-Westphalia. Commissioned by his three children, the map was a special gift for a 'big birthday'. After careers in agriculture and school education, his vision is to contribute to the prevalence of renewable energy. 

Idea: Kerstin Humberg

Drawing: Anna Marin

Yunel life map

Yunel life maps are always tailor-made. They typically show a number of continents or geographic regions that have a special meaning for the client and come with a personalized emblem, portrait and compass. The remaining parts of our life maps capture the essence of our biographic work.

Muhammad Yunus' world map of happiness

This life map was created in partnership with Dialogbild GmbH. The objective was to honor Muhammad Yunus' lifetime achievements ten years after he and Grameen Bank received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to create economic and social development from below. 

Idea: Kerstin Humberg

Design: Jai Wanigesinghe

Over the course of five sessions, we typically explore our client's PERMA and vision for the future. According to Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, human beings need PERMA to flourish: Positive emotions like inspiration and joy, Engagement based on their values and strengths, trust-based Relationships, Meaning in life and Accomplishments.  

Our objective is to come up with a crisp synthesis of what makes our client's life most worth living. For this, we capture what our client has learned from the past, their present drivers of happiness and wellbeing and future aspirations.

Yunel approach to biography and life strategy
Yunel I Life Map I Art Direction
Yunel I Life Map I Tailored Framing
Yunel I Life Map I Joint Exploration
Yunel I Life Map I Celebration


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