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>> Visual recording 
>> Inspiring vision
>> For individuals
>> Two to three sessions

Goal-setting and meaning-making are activities that are distinctly human. The pursuit of personally significant goals contributes to positive experience and to a positive life, according to research in Positive Psychology.  

For those, who would love to benefit from Yunel's structured approach to life strategy, without investing in a fully-fledged life map or halftime biography, we offer vision posters as a first cut. Vision posters typically capture the essence of three sessions with a Yunel facilitator. They highlight our clients' visions for a future in which they thrive based on their character strengths, values and sources of meaning.

This exemplary vision poster was created for a couple based on three sessions with two Yunel facilitators. The objective was to come up with a joint vision and mission-driven business model for their next phase in life. The vision poster was accompanied by a carefully designed synopsis of key insights in text and vision. 

Facilitation: Esther Wiebel/

Kerstin Humberg

Drawing: Anna Marin



Yunel vision poster

To make sure Yunel vision posters serve as a constant reminder of a client's best possible self or life goals, we typically co-create them. Key elements comprise selected images, supporting text and inspiring quotes. The process is similar to the approach we take for life maps and halftime biographies, but involve fewer sessions.


Human life is about imagination. Imagine the world you want to live in. Map it and it will become reality. 


—  Prof. Muhammad Yunus,

Nobel Peace Laureate 2006

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