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Yunel presents life strategy approach at The Consumer Goods Forum in Berlin

Berlin. Thanks to Danone and circ for giving Yunel the opportunity to speak about social business and positive psychology at the global Consumer Goods Forum 2017 in Berlin. Over the course of 30 minutes, Kerstin Humberg took about 100 international guests on a journey to illustrate and validate her points. She explained what led to the creation of Yunel in 2015, why she believes in the transformative power of social entrepreneurship and positive psychology and how exactly Yunel produces happiness. Together with her audience, Humberg took three steps. Steps that she took over the last 20 years to make happiness work for herself – and steps that each and every one can take for him- or herself.

  1. EXPLORE who we are and what makes us tick

  2. ENVISION a future in which we thrive and

  3. ENGAGE – to make happiness work for ourselves

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