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Yunel and Dialogbild honour Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus with happiness map

Berlin/Hamburg. Exactly 10 years after the founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, two German companies have now honored Muhammad Yunus' life's work with a personal 'World Map of Happiness'. By illustrating continents, rivers, oceans and personal symbols that represent all those elements that help(ed) Yunus to unleash his potential, the maps serve as constant reminders of a "life well lived".

How to become happy? What can we learn from Muhammad Yunus in this regard? These questions were the starting point for the creation of the map. The idea came to Kerstin Humberg, the founder of Yunel, in a conversation with her former fellow student Wolfgang Wienecke, who is now the CEO of Dialogbild GmbH in Hamburg.

According to Positive Psychology, the Science of Happiness and Wellbeing, human beings need PERMA to flourish: Positive emotions like inspiration and joy, Engagement based on their values and strengths, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments.

Yunel is a Berlin-based start-up with the mission to unleash human potential and happiness. In short: "to make happiness work". Inspired by Muhammad Yunus and Nelson Mandela, Yunel offers a novel approach to biography for people in their middle age. Unique happiness maps are the centerpiece of Yunel’s work.

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