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In addition to our biography products (life maps, vision posters and halftime biographies), we offer tailor-made workshops and trainings based on Positive Psychology. For management teams, we also facilitate 2 to 3-day leadership retreats in our own location in Andalusia, Spain. Upon request, we deliver in-house solutions too. These range from tailor-made workshops and trainings to keynotes, fireside chats and moderated panel discussions in the following areas: Positive Psychology, Social Business and Centred leadership.

In the past, we have served both corporate and non-profit clients such as McKinsey & Company, Regis24 GmbH, Ashoka, Cusanuswerk and the Social Impact Lab Berlin. We also delivered leadership programmes in partnership with other organizations, e.g. bonify, BKU and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Foto: Maddalena Zampitelli

Yunel event moderation
Positive business training Berlin
Yunel keynote TCGF Berlin
Yunel Yunus youth workshop KKS
Yunel entrepreneurs event bonify
Ashoka visionary program PERMA Wien
Yunel keynote social business SBYA
Yunel leadership training BKU McK

Foto: David Ulrich

Our workshop and training programmes are always tailor-made in terms of format, duration and agenda. Topic examples are displayed in the overview below.

Example topics of Yunel's tailor-made workshops and trainings

According to Martin Seligman, human beings need PERMA to flourish: Positive emotions like inspiration and joy, Engagement based on their values and strengths, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments. However, negative emotions also have an important role to play. Difficult emotions typically signpost what we value and those who can read the sign can adapt. Paying attention to difficult experiences and putting language around them not only helps us to get through the experience, but ultimately to grow or even thrive. 


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